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Re: Saturday Class 2/18

Dr. Rashid will be out of town this weekend attending a conference on: Afro Diasporic Stick & Blade Concepts including:

Afro-Colombian machete fencing

Kalinda (Trinidad) Movement and Concepts

Esgrima de Machete (Colombia)

Mani de Cuba

Capoeira Angola Roda (honoring the pioneering Afro-diasporic art form)

Kalinda Rondel Beniamin (Trinidad)

Esgrima de Machete (Colombia)

Juego de Mani (Cuba)

We can't wait to see what he brings back !

In Re: Class

In his absence, the classes will be covered by the senior students, & seasoned professionals on campus.

Have Fun & Happy Training ! 👊

Side Note:

Next year, or next time it's offered, this would make a great class trip 🤗

Feb 17, 2023

Yes yes Sir peace ✌️ to all



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