Shorin Ryu Karate 


Karate, as we know it today, originated on the Ryukyu Archipelago, more commonly known as the island of Okinawa, Japan. The major sites were the villages of Naha, Shuri, and Tomari. Shobayashi Shorin-Ryu originated in Shuri, Okinawa as Shuri-Te and is one of the major branches of modern Shorin-Ryu.  








Requirements for our Shorin Ryu curriculum include:



Taikyoku 1 - 3 *

Pinan 1 - 5


Sei En Chon







Neko Budo 1 - 5


Nan Dan Sho


Empi Sho


Bassai Dai 


Bassai Sho


Kanku Dai 


Kanku Sho

Go Pei Sho



*(Note: Taikyoku series, though originally Shotokan, are taught in many Shorin Ryu and Tae Kwon Do schools).



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