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Nage Waza

(Throwing Techniques)

Ne Waza 

(Grappling Techniques)

Instructor Bio:           Lazeric Hudson, Sensei


I began my martial arts training in Kodokan Judo in 1996 at the Jiu Jitsu Institute located in Chicago. I am a retired police officer. I have combined service with the Chicago Housing Authority Police Department and DuPage County Sheriff's Office.

I have trained at several schools in the Chicagoland area such as the Chicago Police Judo Club, Kokushikan Judo Academy and Yorkville Judo Club. I started training at the age of 36. Judo has given me a channel to improve my character and way of life. It has also been a great tool for self-protection in law enforcement and civilian life. I believe that anyone at any age can benefit from martial arts training.

I hold a 2nd Dan in Kodokan Judo.Some of my highest achievements in martial arts are placing 1st in two divisions at the 2000 Midwest Judo Championships, 1st in the 2011 Orlando North American Grappling Championships and most importantly becoming an instructor.

Sensei Lazeric F. Hudson, Nidan

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(Throwing Techniques)

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(Grappling Techniques)

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