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  Welcome to the Beverly Pagoda Martial Arts Academy!
We are a teachers and practitioners of the Pagoda Ryu Martial Arts System, one of the most complete martial arts systems in the world today. It is an art, a pastime and a way of life. Our Academy was founded many years ago, under the instruction of Shihans Ken Kates Sr., Renshi and Ken Kates, II, Renshi. We regularly compete in Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Judo and Grappling tournaments.
  We focus primarily on sparring, ground-fighting, self-defense, weapons, and forms, but we offer instruction for all manner of students, including those who do not wish to compete. We offer an open Martial Arts environment in which quality and honorable instructors, as well as, students are welcome to gain and share knowledge.
  This website contains information pertaining to both the Academy and the system of Pagoda Ryu. Please feel free to peruse our site and send any comments or suggestions to the webmaster or any of our officers! 


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1856 W. 95th Street

Chicago, IL 60643 USA

Tel: 773-238-2701 bus.


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