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R.I.P.  Gilbert James, Sensei   7th Dan   (1936-2002) 


We Are Pleased to Welcome the Seigokan House of Aikido Yoshinkan to the Beverly Pagoda Martial Arts Academy !

Gilbert James Sensei (1936-2002) started his study of Aikido in 1961 under the guidance of Robert Cramer, a US Navy Lt. Commander who was taught by the late Yukio Noguchi, Yoshinkan 7th dan.


Gilbert, Sensei was one of the founding fathers of the Midwest Yoshinkan Aikido Association in Chicago, IL. This organization was one of the first of it's kind to be recognized by the Yoshinkan Aikido Foundation in Tokyo, Japan.


In 1990, the MYAA was given the name Seigokan by the late Gozo Shioda Sensei after joining the International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation established by Shioda Sensei.


Seigokan means, "House of Strong Spirit".



Midwest Yoshinkai Aikido Association





Seigokan - "House of Strong Spirit"



Charles Southern, Sensei is the current Head Instructor of the Seigokan. He is a Godan (5th Dan) in Yoshinkan Aikido. All are welcome to visit the dojo to watch or practice.

The Yoshinkan style is one of two main Aikido styles recognized by the Japanese 
Government and is world renown for its robust, practical applications. The World 
Headquarters for Yoshinkan Aikido is located in Tokyo, Japan. This style is taught to 
the Tokyo Riot Police and Metropolitan Police Officers throughout Japan. 

The Yoshinkan Hombu dojo developed an innovative teaching method that systematized 6 basic movements and categorized 150 basic techniques, that when thoroughly mastered allows one to freely apply any one of the thousands of remaining Aikido techniques. With the development of solid basics, Yoshinkan Aikido provides a powerful means of self defense without undue aggression.

The Yoshinkan style is not limited to just learning solid basic technique and self 
defense. Strong emphasis is also placed on gaining insight into the conduct of life 
and human relationships. Yoshinkan Aikido, as a martial art, is noncompetitive and 
nonviolent. With cooperation, harmony, timing and control one is able to overcome 
aggression and strength in any of life's situations.

Charles Southern, Sensei    5th Dan    



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