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Hayabusa T3 Sparring Gloves -

- Dual strap closure for hand and wrist stabilization

- 4 splint design to prevent wrist from overextending awkwardly.

- Built in support in the glove 

- Outer shell of the glove is made of vegan microfiber leather

- Proven to perform better in flexibility, surface abrasion, tear and crack resistance than real leather.

- Lining is made with the XT2 antimicrobial technology that inhibits bacteria growth and minimizes odor.


Size: 12oz,  14oz

Color: Black, Red/Black, Black/Gold, Purple/Black, Navy Yellow, Charcoal/Black, Charcoal/Lime, White, White/Grey, White/Pink, White/Teal


Hayabusa T3 Sparring Gloves - 12 14oz

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