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Filipino Martial Arts Karate Arnis Kali Eskrima Stick Fighting Adult Sparring Body Protector

  • This Body Protector is used in full-contact Arnis Kali Eskrima stick fighting tournaments
  • This is the standard body armor worn for stick sparring, Kali Arnis Eskrima training and tournaments.
  • Features thick woven padding to cover the upper torso, arms, and collarbone, and reinforced padding in the shoulders.
  • Small, impact-reducing rigid squares give added protection from stick blows.
  • Fully padded.
  • Available:

- Solid Black                 -    $99.00

- Solid Red                   -    $99.00

- Reversible Black/Red -  $165.00

Filipino Martial Arts Arnis Eskrima Kali Stick Fighting Sparring Body Protector

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